Corporate Identity & Branding

A business’ identity relates primarily to internal factors that show how the business is run–how it’s organized, its ethics, its “look” and how it integrates into the business world. The identity offers the observer distinguishing characteristics that separate it from other, similar businesses. The quality and focus of the product — in addition to its uniqueness – contributes to corporate identity.


All of our efforts begin with an understanding and articulation of the brand strategy. Brand identity is the connective tissue between a product or service and a consumer that drives relevance and appeal. We work in the development of new brand naming conventions and taglines as well as the graphic design and appeal of the logo and identity standards as they relate to the brand statement or promise.  Our goal is simple: achieve consumer perception that will deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.


Areas of include:

• Corporate naming
• Visual identity
• Logo/tagline
• Business Cards
• Letterhead
• Product naming
• Service naming
• Validation
• Business and sales collateral
• Standards manual

Logo Designs:


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