E-book & E-Magz

imageCreating E-newspapers and E-magazine for which readers can get E-subscriptions delivered directly to an apple I-pad table, Amazon kindle or similar E-reader device like the new nook from Barnes and noble could be the future or print publications. Much like E-book, digital newsstands along with newspaper and magazine publishers offering this type of e-subscription services could be the next wave in technology especially with the upcoming release of the Apple I-pad table and the current availability of the Amazon kindle e-reader devices as well as the recent release of the nook from Barnes & noble, imagine a world with no printed newspapers or magazine which are killing trees by the thousands. I know the newspaper publisher and magazine companies are freaking out right now and thinking, “hey we have to make a living too.” I am not saying we should not have newspapers, book, or magazine. I am saying they should be delivered in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. Digital news stand offering electronic delivery or e-subscriptions can solve many problems with the use of paper products and recycling. Imagine everyone who has an Amazon kindle, Apple I-pad table or other electronic reader device receiving the newspaper of their choice by e-subscription directly to the e-reader device they own.